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Event Preparation and Recovery

Event Preparation



Massage therapy can be used to enhance event preparation by warming, stimulating and increasing the flexibility of muscles prior to an event.  The massage can take place immediately before an event or in the days leading up to an event.  It can help to focus the athlete and is usually a short treatment that concentrates on specific areas of the body.  It would include:


  • Long strokes and kneading to warm superficial tissues and increase blood flow to the muscles


  • Shaking or rocking of joints to increase range of motion and descrease tension


  • Tapotement (tapping or drumming) to stimulate muscles


  • Gentle stretching to prepare muscles for warm up exercises








Event Recovery



Post event massage can be an important part of the cooling down process and help speed up recovery after an event.  It is ideal to have a short, gentle massage as soon after the event as possible.  Benefits include:


  • Easing tension by flushing out toxins and waste that have built up in muscles


  • Breaking down adhesions to muscle fibres and lengthening tight muscles


  • Restoring blood flow to promote faster healing and reducing the risk of delayed onset muscle soreness


  • Relaxing the athlete, giving them a psychological boost and helping them to recover more quickly





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