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Sports Massage

Why would I need Sports Massage Therapy?


During exercise, a build up of waste products and toxins occur in our muscles causing them to ache and feel tired. In addition, the layer of connective tissue that surrounds our muscles can become damaged and misplaced, causing pain, dysfunction and imbalances within the body structure. If these imbalances are not addressed, they gradually become worse until they prevent us from exercising.


How does Sports Massage help?


Sports massage helps the body to recover from exercise by flushing away the toxins that cause our muscles to ache. It improves blood flow and lymph circulation, enabling the athlete to train more frequently and therefore maintain optimal performance.


Regular massage therapy can also help to identify underlying soft tissue damage which can be treated quickly, preventing further serious damage from occurring.  When a serious injury does occur, deep tissue massage therapy can help to restore muscle and soft tissue to its normal state and speed up rehabilitation of the injured area.


What techniques are used?


Depending on the needs of the client, a variety of massage therapy and stretching techniques can be used for both rehabilitation and general body maintenance. These include:


  • Long warming massage strokes and kneading techniques(effleurage and petrissage), deep friction (to break down adhesions within muscle fibres) and skin rolling (to loosen the connective tissues around the muscles).


  • Neuromuscular techniques to release muscle tension and spasms.


  • Muscle energy techniques to restore normal tone to tense muscles, strengthen weak muscles, increase joint mobility and improve posture and musculoskeletal functionality.


  • Soft tissue release techniques to treat tight or tense muscles and to break down adhesions and scar tissue.

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Ashtead Sports Massage
Ashtead Sports Massage
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