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Prices & FAQ's



40 minute session - £40

1 hour session - £55

Payment by cash or card accepted

How long a session will I need?


If you have a specific injury that requires attention, booking a 40 minute slot will be sufficient.  Similarly, if you would like general massage therapy treatment to one area of your body only (i.e. the top half or the bottom half of your body), 40 minutes will also be enough time.


If you would like a full body massage, a 1 hour session will be required.


What should I expect?


When you arrive for your first massage appointment, you will be asked a brief list of medical questions to check that there are no underlying reasons why you should not be treated and then after an initial assessment, we will agree on a treatment plan that is suitable for your needs.  Most treatments take place on a massage couch, however it is also possible to have your treatment in a seated position if you would prefer.


What should I wear?


It is practical to wear loose comfortable clothing for your visit.  Most massage treatment is applied to bare skin so you will be asked to undress to your underwear (you will be covered with towels to preserve your modesty at all times).  Alternatively, you may wear loose shorts (not tight lycra ones please).  If you would like a treatment but the thought of taking off your clothes fills you with dread, please contact me to discuss your requirements.  Many people prefer to remain fully clothed for their treatment and most massage therapy techniques can be equally as effective when performed through loose clothing.  Don't let it deter you from booking an appointment!



Call Lizzy at Ashtead Sports Massage on 07570 962528 or email:

Ashtead Sports Massage
Ashtead Sports Massage
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